A note from Sami's adopted Family:

2/11/2002 - 7/26/2016

Sami was our second mal adopted from AMRONE and the only true "puppy" in the house. She joined our family at the age of 4 years old and was able to spend the rest of her life with us. Sami was a very normal dog, highly active, loved her walks and loved hanging out with her people. We live in a neighborhood with other dogs and wildlife such as deer, chipmunks and beavers, which we called her friends. She loved to chase after anything in sight and sometimes would run around for the sheer enjoyment of it. Like Tom Brady, she overdid it one day and blew out both her rear ACL's which required some reconstructive surgeries involving a lot of little titanium parts. From there on out she was the BIONIC dog though she didn't cost as much as Steve Austin, the six million dollar man. Her surgeries were a major influence on her life and significantly altered the care she required later in life, but it was a full and happy life.

We have fond memories of her unique personality, as she would always try to be at the center of the action. Even when the action was at both ends of the house, she would take up a position half way so she didn't miss out on anything. We're sure anyone reading this can appreciate how much mals love to be around at dinner time and we can assure everyone she never missed out on the dog privileges and duties associated with meals.

We are forever thankful for Sami and to the folks who made it possible to adopt her, most notably Kathy and Jerry since we were repeat adopters at their house, having previously adopted another mal named Frosty. We were also blessed by very good vet care over the years and we give much credit to them for her long life of 14 years.

Before you go to bed tonight give your mal an extra hug for us. We're without a "puppy" for now but that will not be true for long if we can help it. Sami's memory will be with us forever, she was a true gift.

Brian and Lisa

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