Adopted dogs for 2003
Many volunteers work very hard to place our malamutes in loving, permanent homes. The reward is the joy of knowing that each of these dogs is happily living as a beloved member of a new family. Here is a partial list of malamutes for whom AMRONE has found new homes.

Mr. Noname Thumbnail Mr. Noname was adopted December, 2003. Jenna Thumbnail Jenna was adopted November 30, 2003. Kira Thumbnail Kira was adopted October 19, 2003.
Tucker Thumbnail Tucker was adopted September 28, 2003. Kaya Thumbnail Kaya was adopted September 27, 2003. Miki Thumbnail Miki was adopted September 2003.
Camden Thumbnail Camden was adopted Aug 2003. King Thumbnail King was adopted Aug 2, 2003. Riley Thumbnail Riley was adopted July 3, 2003.
Helka Thumbnail Helka was adopted June 14, 2003. Faith Thumbnail Faith was adopted June 8, 2003. Babe Thumbnail Babe was adopted May 12, 2003.
Smokey Thumbnail Smokey was adopted April, 2003. Buster Thumbnail Buster was adopted April, 2003. Mali Thumbnail Mali was adopted March, 2003.
Chief Thumbnail Chief was adopted March, 2003. Athena Thumbnail Athena was adopted January, 2003. Stormy Thumbnail Stormy was adopted January, 2003.

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