March 26, 2007-September 11, 2015

A note from Aspen's adopted Family:

Aspen, formally known as Sierra, adopted from AMRONE on December 1, 2007. From the moment we met Aspen, we knew we had found our new family member. Sitting on the kitchen floor at Kathy and Jerry's, I called her, she ignored me and went directly to Mike, plopped down in his lap. She had found her human! We brought her home on December 1, 2007 and after immediately getting up on the couch, she knew she was at her forever home and that she had two humans! I lost my couch that day to an 8 month old, scared, nervous fur ball. Aspen would eventually realize that sharing the couch was a beautiful thing, it meant belly rubs and ear scratching!

Our lives became full of laughter and bewilderment as we watched our girl grow into a confident, funny, crazy, stubborn and dedicated, loyal companion. She would always bring into the house the best little presents, muskrats, possums, birds, and even once a half-eaten baby skunk. If only the critters had learned to stay outside of Aspen's fenced in back yard! We expected to have Aspen for a very long time. She was healthy and active, she even had a titanium hip. Her untimely passing was shocking and still breaks our hearts. Doggie cancer had struck again.

Our beautiful girl passed peacefully, with grace and dignity, with the help of her vet on September 11, 2015. Aspen 2 Aspen 3

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