A note from baxter's adopted Family:

Baxter, a 135 lb Giant Malamute, came to us late fall of 2008 and passed away on June 6, 2011, 3 days before his 8th birthday.

Baxters health has been a constant challenge, but he was coming along after a few bumps emergency surgery for Bloat in January 2009 and ongoing treatment for Limes disease and surgery for a torn meniscus in 2010. His hair had grown back (there is a lot of it) and he was getting stronger each day.

His condition was very fast moving and took his precious life within days of the 1st indication that something was seriously wrong, but he would not give in to the pain or let us know. He knew he was dying and without hesitation got up each day to be with us every minute the last week until his body finally collapsed. He gobbled up all the precious time left in his sweet, dear, unselfish life and gave it all to us. We have never known such a kind, wise, loving old soul and to have walked in life with him, even for the short period of time we had was such a gift and insight into a spirit that inspires one's life.

Baxter loved long walks (& runs) through the many wooded trails and the endless belly rubs, both of which were his requirement for a happy life each day. Baxter smiled constantly and filled our lives with all the goodness that he was. We sorely miss this incredibly beautiful, joyful, loving, being. Baxter 2

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