A note from Clovis's adopted Family:

We adopted Clovis in September 2003. She was known as "Miki" then, but in keeping with our tradition of eclectic dog names and because she had an arrowhead shaped mark on her forehead, we changed it to "Clovis" after the Clovis spear point! Clovis was fostered by Joanne Duval. Joanne, I think you'll remember her as the smallest, noisiest dog you ever fostered! When we came to your home to meet her she was in your kitchen wooing for attention and scrounging for Cheerios under your kids' little picnic table. We fell in love with her on the spot!

Clovis quickly assimilated into our household. She became fast friends with Uther (formerly RJ), our first AMRONE dog adopted in 2000. And she was ecstatic when in 2006 we added a third AMRONE malamute, Joplin (formerly Nedda). Then last October we got away from our keepers and adopted a one year old dachshund from the NHSPCA. We named him Hendrix and Clovis and him quickly became inseparable. A very interesting pack to be sure!

Clovis was a perfect dog: funny, playful, super cuddly and loving, and a big talker. Our house seems absolutely silent without her constant commentary. She was a huge part of our pack and we miss her terribly. We cannot thank AMRONE enough for all the joy, love and laughter that Clovis brought into our lives and that our other AMRONE malamutes continue to provide.

Thank you so much.

Donna & Steve

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