A note from Keela's adopted Family:

Sharon and I adopted Keela in December of 1994 a little over 9 years ago. We were told that she was 5 or 6 years old at the time which would make Keela 14 or 15 years old now. The last two weeks in particular the quality of her life had degraded immensely. Keela could not stand or walk, she no longer wanted food, not even the rice and noodles, and she was blind, deaf and afraid. This afternoon Keela peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge in her favorite spot by Sharon's side of our bed.

Keela was the quintessential malamute ... headstrong, powerful, the pack leader. She also suffered from a mild case of separation anxiety which contributed to her becoming an escape artist. In fact, Keela's ability to escape led Susan Conant to nickname her "The Fiend". Keela was such a terror that within 3 months of our adoption of her, she had done $1500 damage to our rental house in Bedford, NH. Both Sharon and I had considered giving her back to rescue. On the day we were going to return her, Keela walked up to our other malamute Nureyev and planted a big kiss on him. Neither Sharon or I could let such a sweet dog go and fortunately we had an understanding landlord. Over the nine years Sharon and I had "The Fiend" she became as sweet and endearing a malamute as anyone could hope, even if she never did quite get over her separation anxiety.

God speed Keela. You are now with your buddies Nureyev and Shamu, and like them will be sorely missed by us.

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