On July 5th we had to say goodbye to Keyo. We adopted him in Dec. 2005, and he was already 12 years old then. He had not been in a house before and had to learn everything, including how to be a pet instead of a kennel dog. It was fascinating to watch his transformation. It took a while, but he got to like it, although he never really wanted to be an indoor dog. Since we have a fenced yard and a dog door, he could have it his way. He liked to be out most of the time, but if it was so much as drizzling, he would be on the dog bed in front of the french doors, watching it from the inside. Blizzards? no thanks, been there, done that was his attitude. His favorite way to spend the day was to get me up early for a nice long walk, then breakfast, then a nap in the shade of the pines, with frequent trips in the house to hit me up for hugs and treats. He also loved rides in the car, with his head out the window - don't we all?

Our time together was way too short, but he taught us a lot, as dogs always do, mostly about love and courage, and taking each day as it comes.

Yes, the handicap ramp was just for Keyo - as of last winter he couldn't climb stairs anymore.

Leslie Caulfield and Rick Pacheco

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