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A note from Steven & Deborah, who adopted Kia in January 2004:

On May 10, 2007 we had to say goodbye to Kia. We adopted him in January 2004, he was 6 years old then and a welcome addition to our new home. As a true alpha male, Kia was king of the house and treated as such. He was highly intelligent, knew advanced commands, was bilingual in both English and Armenian, and breezed through agility. He loved taking hikes in the woods, sitting on the couch watching T.V., going for car rides, cleaning himself like a cat daily, and salmon with his dinner.

Mika, a Czech german shepard pup, came to live with us in June 2006. She was the apple of his eye and he took her under his wing. She learned quickly he was boss and not to bite or chew on anything but her toys.

Kia was always very proud of himself and extremely protective of his home and baby girl Mika.

Although Kia was a strong dog, he passed away very quickly from ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease. We truly appreciate the time and energy the two veterinarians who worked long days and after hours to help Kia fight this disease.

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