A note from Sadie's adopted Family:

We adopted Lady from AMRONE in Feb. 2001, but changed her name to Sadie. She became known as Sadie-Lou, Lou-Lou, and many others, some unprintable. In December, shortly after turning 11, she became sick with idiopathic vestibular syndrome. But after a couple months of treatment with no improvement, the diagnosis was a probable brain tumor. We were able to keep her relatively comfortable until yesterday. She was euthanized this morning.

Sadie was a remarkable mal, & turned us into dog people. But because of her aggression issues with other dogs, we lived in a divided household for 8 years. Also during that time, she may have become AMRONE's most well-travelled rescue malamute -- moving from New Hampshire to our home in Mass, then Hawaii, New Jersey, Maine, and finally Minnesota.

Sadie was truly a wonderful mal to people, and quickly became Richard's favorite. Let's add that he quickly became her favorite, too. She spent considerable time trying to convince him to replace me as alpha female. I know he considered it once or twice.

We both want to thank AMRONE for giving these relatively inexperienced dog people the opportunity to adopt Sadie. We will always remember Sadie as our invincible wolf-girl, with her smile & exuberance for life; and the voice that could peel paint.

We love you, Lou.

Richard and Barbara

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