Seymour 1

A note from Seymour's adopted Family:

Seymour came into AMRONE rescue on July 28, 2006. Jane Palinkas went to Ansonia Animal Hospital to evaluate him and I was to provide his foster care. Well, when I went to pick Seymour up, there he was a complete mess! His ears were so infected and he had something I never heard of, large patches of hot spots. Off I went with Seymour and his medications and hoped for the best for his care.

Seymour was so large, he did not fit very well in his vari kennel, so I opted to let him stay in the kitchen, so I thought. Off to my job at K-9 I went. To my surprise, he moved anything out of his way and found a very comfy spot to rest. I was very relieved to find my home intact, nothing chewed and him sitting & taking up most of the hallway. His ears were so badly infected that he would not let me near. My director at K-9 offered to help, but I knew I had to apply the medication on my own. Seymour finally let me apply the medication & the healing process began. Seymour did display unusual behavior...such as "resource" guarding a favorite bone. I worked with Kathy Ferragamo and K-9 with his "alpha" behavior. I never heard of the "hard" stare until Seymour. Seymour & I were together for at least 1 1/2 years when my boyfriend came for a visit. Seymour decided to display some of his alpha ways with Bj. Well, we worked with that and Seymour & Bj became the best of friends!

I finally adopted Seymour officially on March 30, 2008. Seymour became such a part of our family. Bj is an international touring musician and every CD made, Seymour sat at Bj's side during each session. Seymour is thanked on every CD & is recognized worldwide. Seymour began to have his own fan club. We never really knew how old he was. In 2006, my vet estimated his age at 5 or 6 years old.

On Saturday, January 21st I noticed a soft tissue type swelling on the side of his neck. On Sunday, it seemed the swelling had subsided.

On Monday, January 23, 2012, it was a snowy day. Seymour's favorite! He enjoyed being outside in the snow, he came in for dinner like always (herring & potato kibble with cut up steak) and curled up to nap. I checked him again and found a growth that did not look right.

We immediately took him to the emergency clinic where Dr. Jason Haviar examined Seymour. The diagnosis was not good. Dr. Haviar explained that the tumor was growing at an alarming rate. With extremely heavy hearts, decided that Seymour should not have to suffer. We loved him so much, words cannot express that love for Seymour. We would like to thank everyone who made a difference in Seymour's life. Rest well, sweet boy...Mr. Daboogoo

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