Malamute Education
We are happy that you are interested in the Alaskan malamute! This is a beautiful breed. However, beauty is not everything and before you choose this breed, please do your homework. Most malamutes in rescue are turned in because the breed did not fit the owner's lifestyle or the cute little puppy turned into a dog that the owners were not prepared to handle. We suggest that to start researching you spend some time reading the education section of this website. As part of each section we have included links to other websites that we feel have something to contribute to the topic. Don't forget to use your back key to return to us!

Basic Care and Information

Finding the right Malamute

Housing your Malamute

Training your Malamute

Exercise and Activities

Malamute Health Care

Malamute Health Issues

Grooming your malamute

Feeding your Malamute

Breeding your Malamute

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